Epiphany Blue, is a full service lifestyle and wellness event planning agency that offers a fresh, unique, and creative approach to assisting our clients with building relationships with and serving the needs of our target audiences.  

Our Mission:
To conceptualize, plan and execute high-quality, exclusive and memorable events and programs that are designed to assist companies and organizations with meeting the distinctive lifestyle and wellness needs of their clients.  Epiphany Blue is experienced in producing events and programs for the youth, young adult and young urban professional target audiences. 

We are passionate, energetic and strategic in our approach. From concept to completion, Epiphany Blue has the experience and expertise to ensure that your event or program is a success.

Contact us at:
Phone: 646-256-2151
Fax: 646-706-7377
E-mail: Info@EpiphanyBlue.com

Lifestyle Events
While some companies offer a “cookie cutter approach” to event planning, Epiphany Blue is passionate about conceptualizing, executing and managing unique and creative event experiences designed to assist our clients with meeting the specific lifestyle needs of each target demographic. We work with small agencies to large companies and can coordinate a specific plan that works for both your budget and event or program strategy.

Wellness Programs
At Epiphany Blue, we believe that wellness is a lifestyle. We are committed to assisting companies with meeting the health and wellness needs of their clients and staff. Knowing that wellness programs are not “one-size-fits-all,” Epiphany Blue works with our clients to create programs that are specific, interactive, engaging, fun, and promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Epiphany Blue’s wellness programs consist of office wellness, staff development, corporate conferences and retreats, Rhythm & Flow Yoga and the Be Healthy, Be Happy Hour.

Teen Blue
Teen Blue is Epiphany Blue’s premiere youth division, dedicated to producing events and wellness programs specifically targeted to school-aged youth.  We specialize in producing youth summits and conferences, interactive wellness and life skills workshops, health fairs, pep rallies, proms and other youth-focused events.  Additionally, we assist charities and foundations with developing new or enriching current youth development programming.